Windows 7 Start-up or Recovery disks

Discussion in 'Ask DACS' started by dragonbite, Nov 28, 2011.

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    I have a brand spanking-new Windows 7 laptop coming in a couple of days and as I have been using Linux so much for the past few years, I am not sure how to do some features in Windows, let alone Windows 7. I hope to be able to do this before I hand it off to the user (my wife).

    Since the system will be coming clean, how do I save this state so if the machine gets borked I can return it to this pre-messed state? It is a Dell Inspiron 17R model, if that makes any difference.
    • Do I want to create "Recovery Disks" and what does that get me?
    • If there is a Windows and a Manufacturer version, which one is preferred?
    • Will anything be different if I run these after removing the inevitable crap-ware (will it return the computer to a state without the crapware, or the exact same state the computer comes in the beginning)?
    • How do I use this media to return the comptuer to at the "pristine" state?
    • After it is "recovered", will I need to re-install all of my programs and return the files from backups?
    • I assume this does not include personal files or settings (C:/Document and Settings/*), and that I will have to have the system run routine backups to cover them

    In case you haven't figured it out, I am lousy about backups and recovery. Except this isn't going to be my computer so I need to be a little more consistent and protected.

    If I am able to, I am hoping to clone the system as well, but that I should be able to handle easily enough. I just don't know how or what is the best method for doing it through Windows.
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    This question was addressed during the AskDACS session at the December meeting.

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