What backup software do you use?

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    What is the backup method you use and have you actually used it to restore anything? How well does it work?
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    For my USB drives, the PortableApps Backup works well so long as non of the folders have security turned on.

    At home, on any machine with a floppy drive, I use the built-in NTBackup on Windows XP (XP Home users need to download this utility separately and not all features are supported).

    On machines without a floppy, I use CloneZilla LiveCD. Note that have to use CloneZilla's command line mode to restore from a data CD/DVD.

    I backup my USB thumb drives weekly, and my desktops/laptops bi-monthly (more often if I can manage). My palmtop, that is to say, PDA, I backup continually and rarely more than 24 hours from a sync.

    According to the guys from PC Radio Show, having one backup is like having no backup at all. So best to make 2 backups and store separately.

    At work, our production databases are backed-up and kept 7-days using SQL Server's built-in backup then archived and transferred back to our Beta box. Because the data, table designs and schemas are continually updated, a database older than 7 days is near useless. The application as on production is archived and transferred back to the office weekly. The ISP takes care of OS-level and filesystem backups.


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