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    This ain't your father's Linux!

    Linux is one of the fastest growing and exciting technology to come along. It has moved from it's enterprise and server roots into desktops and laptops and beyond!

    At the Linux SIG meeting we try to go over how to use Linux and applications available for Linux from digital photography and video editing to backups. Anything that can be done with Linux is a potential subject!

    For those interested in trying out Linux but are not ready to install it on your hard drive, we have two computers with Linux installed for anybody to become familiar with it. We have Live CDs available in the resource center for running Linux without needing or touching a hard drive and if you drop a line we can make sure we bring one or more to the next meeting.

    When you decide to dive in, come on by and we'll help with the installation and understanding what the steps are doing.

    We are always looking for subjects that interests people, and doing a presentation, while encouraged, is not required. So come on by and check things out. See how Linux has grown up into an increasingly popular alternative operating system to the current leaders of the desktop.

    ~Drew Kwashnak

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