Ubuntu Tablet Coming Out Around March 2016!

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    Bq is releaseing the Aquaris M10 Ubuntu tablet supposedly in March 2016! This not only is including Ubuntu touch, the same verion the Ubuntu phone is using, but is supposed to include convergence capabilities!

    Convergence means when you plug in a monitor (HDMI) and maybe a keyboard and mouse (Bluetooth) the system goes from tablet mode to full desktop mode! And the tablet screen is still available as a second screen of sorts.

    The difference between Ubuntu's convergence and Microsoft's convergence is that Ubuntu has been working to make the OS and applications be the full-blown desktop applications responsive to the form factor it is running on! Microsoft, on the other hand, is trying to make its mobile apps work on desktops too. Two means to the same effect... power of a desktop from the phone in your pocket.

    The advantage of this is that Ubuntu already has a huge range of applications available for the desktop and all they need is to be ported to the ARM chip from x86 and x86_64 architectures. So while everything is not going to be available immediately this ought to help push acceptance along and motivate developers to tweak their applications to work.

    The only factor I think that will limit it is that it comes with 2 GB of RAM. That may be fine for regular tablets and mobile devices but for running desktop apps it may be slightly limiting.


    No word on the price, but I heard from somebody that they are looking in the $299 range. If it isn't too far beyond that then I may have a chance to pick one up! :)

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    Oh, I know it won't be able to do heavy-duty image editing, compiling or gaming. Let's be real about it. It also won't be available at Best Buy anytime soon either. This isn't for the average consumer, but anybody technical willing to jump on something that may not be completely finished, spit and polished this looks like a great opportunity!

    Anybody have a couple hundred bucks I can borrow?! ;)
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