Ubuntu Raring Ringtaile (13.04) due out tomorrow (April 25th)!

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    Ubuntu's latest version, 13.04 "Raring Ringtail" is due out tomorrow, April 25th! :yahoo::biggclap:
    Are you planning on upgrading?

    taken from WEbUpd8 Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail Final Beta Released, See What's New
    • Multiple open windows displayed as Unity quicklists to easily allow you to switch between windows
    • New Unity-style shutdown/logout/suspend dialogs
    • new iconds
    • new window snap animation
    • launcher icons 32px limitation removed, 8px minimum size
    • workplace switcher indicates the current active desktop (however workspaces are disabled by default)
    • performance improvements regarding the Dash
    • error tolerance when searching in the Dash (e.g. typing "gdit" will still bring up "gEdit" despite the misspelling)
    • Online Accouts now can be toggled on/off per application
    • Ubuntu One Sync menu (display current transfers or shared file and more)... currently for Ubuntu One but may support Dropbox in the future
    • memory usage should be greatly reduced as they work to make Ubuntu "fit for mobile"
    • LibreOffice now uses the global menu and can be used with HUD (could be buggy, though)
    • multi-monitor fixes
    • new community wallpapers
    • Gwibber has been removed from Ubuntu for now

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