TrueCrypt discuouraged, project killed

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    From, the project's own website
    For those of you using TrueCrypt as a means to safely store your files, drives and disks where even in cloud storage prying eyes could not see, this is sad and possibly alarming news.

    Conspiracy theories are flying considering the abruptness of the closure and not long after they ran an audit that said they found no backdoors or vulnerable coding at some cost to those that wanted to know. A lot of rumors stem from the NSA closing them down. Hopeful people are waiting for an announcement that the website was hacked and this is a hoax.

    Either way, it is time to look at alternatives. The website recommends using Microsoft's Bitlocker (which in itself seems counter-intuitive for an open source, cross-platform project to recommend a proprietary, Microsoft product).

    Some articles:
    I wonder if "computer privacy" would have enough interest to warrant a General Meeting presentation on the subject?!

    I am piqued by the TrueCrypt closure after reading what Ladar Levison wrote on how the NSA tried to get a backdoor on his secure Lavabit email service, in Why Lavabit shut down: Founder explains 38 days of legal hell

    Keep your eyes and ears open people!
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    See: for more.

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