Supreme Court Rules Cell Phones Cannot Be Searched Without A Warrant

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    Score one for the little guy:

    After years of legal debate, the Supreme Court has told the cops to keep their hands off Americans' cell phones–at least until they get a search warrant.

    The court released a landmark decision Wednesday morning in the case of Riley vs. California, forbidding warrantless police searches of the contents of arrestees' cell phones. The ruling opinion notes that cell phones have in fact become tiny computers in Americans' pockets teeming with highly private data, and that gaining access to them is now fundamentally different from rifling through someone's pockets or purse. "A decade ago officers might have occasionally stumbled across a highly personal item such as a diary, but today many of the more than 90% of American adults who own cell phones keep on their person a digital record of nearly every aspect of their lives," the opinion reads.

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