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    Here is what I showed at the Linux SIG on Wednesday, 16 Apr. 2014.

    Netflix doesn't generally support Linux. This seems to be since they utilize Silverlight to play movies. Silverlight is a Microsoft product, hence no support for Linux.

    I recently was gifted a Chromecast. This is a WiFi dongle that plugs into my TV, and streams content from the web. It uses a tablet/smartphone/computer as the interface to select media. and wanted to use it from my laptop, which runs Fedora 20. I googled a bit and found a nice solution.

    Some open source developers have created a product called Pipelight, which seems to work nicely to show Netflix streaming movies.

    There are a few steps involved to make it work. The major directions are on . The directions for Ubuntu vs. Fedora are different, but both involve copy/pasting commands from this site and running them in a console window. These establish a software repository, and then install Pipelight. (Note some of the comments suggest that Pipelight is available from the standard repositories on certain distros, e.g., OpenSuse).

    For Netflix, there are a couple of additional steps. Since your browser informs web sites what O/S you are running, it still tells Netflix you are using Linux, so Netflix throws an error page. You can overcome this by installing a browser agent, which lies to Netflix and tells if you are running Windows. You can find instructions to do that here: .

    After installing this Firefox add-on and restarting your browser, you need to supply it with a list of user agents. Navigate to this page , and download the list. Once you have downloaded the list, then open the User Agent add-on and import the list.

    You can then select from a drop-down list of User Agents. I read that for Netflix, Windows Firefox 15 is a good choice. I tried that, and it worked fine!

    Let me know your results!


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