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    Microsoft is integrating Skype (video chat/telephony system) with (browser Mail and personal information management (PIM) site)!

    With the help of a one-time plug-in installed and merging your Microsoft account with your Skype account and you can make Skype calls to your contacts right from your browser. The plug-in works with recent versions of IE, Firefox and Chrome (hopefully it will work with Linux as well?)

    This makes sense since you can already use the messaging panel on the right to connect to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more. Since MS Messenger is being dropped in favor of Skype it was logically only a matter of time.

    A Skype session can be started from the People's page, the Messaging panel or from an email. It includes the ability to text chat, a feature already in Skype, from

    Unfortunately here in the U.S. we will need to wait for a couple of weeks though in the UK it is being rolled out today.

    This is probably Microsoft's counter to Google+'s Hangouts, but considering the numbers of people using Skype this is likely going to be a good move.

    If you want to find out more, or watch a couple of videos about it, you can read the article : Paul Thurrott's Skype +

    Are you going to use it? It is only a matter of time before you use a web-based client instead of the traditional stand-alone app?

    Does this sound like something you may use?

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