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    In April we discussed the coming implementation of Drupal for the DACS website. In addition to the regular website content, our goal is to offer the members a single sign-on place for discussion (DACS Community Forums), members only content with the ability to update your DACS personal information like your membership and email address. This is a big undertaking as the website has grown some since we first opened up in November of 1995. There are so many challenges that we have yet to figure out how much work there really is. Our efforts are starting with a non-public development site where we can make those painful initial mistakes without jeopardizing the current public site. If you would like to help and learn to use Drupal in the process, please let me know at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.

    I am in the process of closing the Yahoo Group email list that has served (sic) the SIG well for many years. SIG announcements will move the DACS Community Forums [yes, right here]. Please join the forum. An RSS feed makes it easy to stay up to date.

    The next Server and Networking SIG meeting will be Thursday, May 13th at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center.

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