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    In October, Andy Woodruff, Drupal SIG regular and new DACS board member, demonstrated Mail Chimp (, a website service for email list management. Andy plans to use it to promote his music web sites. Mail Chimp, free for lists of less than 1000 addresses, allows you to build and manage your email list, design HTML email campaigns, send emails that comply with the CANSPAM Act, and then track your campaign results. It seems easy enough to use and the process for people to sign up for your email list can be integrated into a Drupal website. Andy’s presentation filled in when I discovered I had no access to my network and thus no access to my development server. My predicament stemmed from my recent change in ISP from Mags Net to Charter. Yes, it would appear I have been seduced by the Dark Side. I still recommend Mags Net for home DSL connections when you want a service that allows you to do things that are more difficult to do on other ISPs – like host a website or run your own email server. Charter has already reneged on promised made during the sales process. Next month we can discuss some of the lessons learned.

    The next Drupal SIG meeting will be Thursday, November 11th at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center.

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