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    Drupal – Server and Networking SIG

    The Server and Networking SIG has merged into the Drupal SIG for the foreseeable future. There is always the possibility that interest in networking will return and that SIG will resume as a separate entity.

    The May meeting continued on the Drupal track as two members shared their trials, tribulations and learning with the group. Annette presented her progress on converting the DACS website. Using a Drupal installation on a hosting service, Annette has begun the process of copying current content to Drupal and in the process, creating a menu structure for the new site. At the same time she has started customizing the CSS for the site to get that “DACS look and feel”. Andy presented a problem with one of his sites: when the site is viewed, the URL includes part of the hosting account directory structure. We were not able to completely solve this problem that nite, but he has since found a solution. With his permission, we’ll post that to the new Drupal SIG forum pages at Future meetings will cover topics ranging from Drupal internals to basic content creation and management.

    The next meeting will be Thursday, June 10th at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center.

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