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Discussion in 'Drupal' started by jscheef, Jun 27, 2010.

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    The June meeting was one frustration after another. A few weeks ago I found a Drupal module called “Club” that sounded like it might meet our requirements for DACS and be simpler to set up than CiviCRM. I downloaded the module and the required modules so we could do the final installation at the meeting. As I started to activate the modules, we discovered that dependencies had additional dependencies. So we downloaded those but started to have serious doubts when several modules were alpha code. In the end we decided that “Club” was not worth the risks.

    Next we looked at the email problem we have been experiencing on the DACS web server. Several weeks ago we realized that the feedback form on the website was not sending emails. The DACS Forums are similarly incommunicado. To isolate the problem I installed a simple command line utility that sends a very basic email message. This gives a basic test of an SMTP server. Unfortunately the error messages are not exactly clear and we were unable to find a solution. The following day I found that the problem was how we were sending the messages from the webserver. The full solution is beyond this space and could be a topic for a future meeting.

    The next meeting will be Thursday, July 8th at 7pm in the DACS Resource Center.

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