Rethinking Office Design

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    This is a great article about the fears and reality of changing from a cubicle-enclosed office to an open one from somebody who went through that transition. She lists her fears and her observations.

    Rethinking office design
    She focused on 4 (understandable) fears, issues that did arise and real-world examples.
    1. Without cubical walls to hide behind, interruptions would be endless. :punch
    2. In an open office design, there would be nowhere to go when I needed to hold a private conversation or think intently without interruption. :drunk
    3. With an open design, my superiors and coworkers would be constantly scrutinizing my activity. I'd be self-conscious as I went about my work. :nervous
    4. With an open office, my coworkers' annoying habits would be magnified. :raving

    What fears, thoughts or experiences do you have regarding an open, non-fabric-walled office environment? What kind of environment do you have now and does it work? :hug

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