Replacing hard drive in Acer Extensa 660 laptop

Discussion in 'Ask DACS' started by dacs96ed, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. dacs96ed

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    My daughter has an older Acer laptop whose hard drive is failing rapidly.
    In your opinion, can it be replaced easily and is it worth it for an older model? I know little about PC laptops.
    Patrick Libert
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    May 20, 2011
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    I'm not familiar with Acer Extensa 660 but the drive can probably replaced, I'm sure it's worth the investment though... A new drive is roughly $60-$100 (assuming you can install it yourself) and you can pick up a new entry level laptop for $400-$700.

    At those prices she'd be better investing in a new laptop.
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    A PDF manual on servicing the 660 can be found here It is about 1.49 MB in size. I tried uploading it but got an error ( Could not upload attachment to ./files/61_714b35ecdcea1120a0bd03ec353e970b.).

    Replacing the Hard Drive is on page 42-43. I would have extracted out just this portion but they protected the PDF so I can't do it (to my knowledge).

    If it is a sub-200Mhz system then this may be a blessing in disguise and time to get a new system. Rob might be able to convert it into a digital frame for you ;)
  4. dacs96ed

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    Thanks for all the great info. I'll pass it on to my daughter.
    If I were not away for another six weeks, I would offer to replace it myself in her laptop.
  5. dacs96ed

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    Re: Replacing hard drive in Acer Travelmate 660 laptop

    Just for the sake of good order, it's a Travelmate 660 (my initial error) and I found the manual and downloaded it. It looks like a very simple procedure to replace the hard drive and I see some listed at $89.95 for a 60GB.
  6. dacs96ed

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    Re: Replacing hard drive in Acer Travelmate 660 laptop

    Jeff, you bring up a very good point. Cindy tells me that the Acer is limping along and my first suspicion was that it was the hard drive. But, if I get her a new drive and we find out it's another problem, $90 bucks down the drain!
    If she can wait until I get back in late March, I'll take a look at it before buying the drive.
    A bientot,

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