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Discussion in 'Linux' started by jimkd1yv, May 28, 2014.

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    Drew - what amperage rating is your Pi that you are using as a print server? I mentioned mine was locking up, but I hadn't had time to dig into it. I later tried another project and found it failing.

    The 2 Pis that I ordered from Amazon suppliers both came with a 1000 mA power supply. Reading some comments on the net suggest that is just barely on the edge of adequate. I ordered a separate 1500 mA supply, and all has been working fine since then.

    I now wonder if my original problem was just too small a power supply.

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    Having enough power seems to a big consideration with the RaspPi. From what I can tell, if the USB device is self-powered it isn't so bad.

    I think the power supply I have is running 1A, which is adequate for itself and for the USB wireless dongle. If I am right, this is what I received for Christmas CanaKit Raspberry Pi (512 MB) Complete Starter Kit (Raspberry Pi 512 MB + Clear Case + Micro USB Power Supply + Original Preloaded SD Card + HDMI Cable)

    The printer is self-powered. I also have a powered USB hub which is what is suggested to use if you need >2 devices or if the devices are drawing too much energy.

    For example the wireless USB dongle + USB flash drive turned out to be too much and the system wouldn't boot. When I moved the flash drive to the USB hub, then it would boot up.

    So it is very finicky. The 1.5 should be enough to handle a couple of USB devices depending on what they are.

    I would not plan on putting an external hard drive unless it is self-powered or off of the hub, but a flash drive may be usable (no moving parts). Keyboards and Mice may depend on if they are wired or wireless.

    I even tried having the Pi getting it's power from the USB hub while being connected to it. That worked, but I think it was slower than usual.

    Right now the Pi is operating as the print server (which sometimes needs to be woken up) as well as a web server (though I want to offload the web server aspect to a 2nd Pi + USB external hard drive).

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