Raspberry Pi compatability WiFi and other devices

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    Here is a link for WiFi dongles that are compatible.

    Here is a link for other hardware compatibilities
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    Here is a list of the items I ordered from Amazon for the Raspberry Pi.

    Wireless: Edimax EW-7811Un 150 Mbps Wireless 11n Nano Size USB Adapter with EZmax Setup Wizard
    The Raspberry Pi detected this without issue, so I wouldn't be surprised if common Linux would be able to run it out-of-the-box as well. It isn't the fastest which could be a effected by the power output, but I did find it works better attached directly to the Raspberry Pi instead of to a powered USB hub.

    SD card: Transcend 8 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card (TS8GSDHC10E)
    Class 10 is the recommended SD Card speed for running Raspberry Pi operating systems.

    Keyboard/Mouse adapter: Belkin USB to PS/2 Adapter
    One reason for getting the PS/2 version is my extra comptuers, and my KDM switch, use the PS/2 so I can easily swap it in-and-out of using the keyboard, mouse and/or video when preparing a system. Although SSH may be easier, providing I can get access to a computer to connect to it ;)

    HDMI to VGA adapter: Cable Matters Gold-Plated Active HDMI to VGA Adapter (Male to Female) with 3 Ft Micro USB Cable - White
    I have heard that the wrong adapter won't work with the Raspberry Pi (just like the wireless adapter) but this one has handled all of my monitors, and the RC projector, pretty well.

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