Programmers (and non), what Language do you use?!

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    I was going to do this in a poll, but realized I would have missed some languages, and the poll isn't big enough for all of them.

    So, what programming language(s) do you use? Professionally and personally and even languages in the past. Just note which ones you are using now, have used in the past, and are using professionally or not.

    For Work:
    • VB.NET (ASP.NET)
    • SQL (MS SQL Server)
    • VBA (in Access and Excel)
    • .bat files (to make life easier)[/list:u]

      Previously, for Work
      • VBScript for ASP Classic pages
      • SQL (MS SQL Server)
      • VB6 for updating the data warehouse
      • PICK BASIC (a variant of UniData)[/list:u]

        Using non-professionally (which means, fiddling with but nothing really serious)
        • PHP (trying to develop a couple personal sites plus experimenting with Drupal)
        • C# (learning for Mono and .NET)
        • bash
        • Javascript[/list:u]

          So, what's in YOUR "wallet" ?
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    Oct 6, 2008
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    Near Future:
    • CFML - ColdFusion 9
    • T-SQL - MS SQL Server 2008+ version of SQL (pivot!)
    • jQuery and AJAX where not natively supported by CF9
    • Maybe using/tweaking other frameworks - FuseBox, MachII, ModelGlue, ColdSpring
    • CSS[/list:u]
      • CFML - ColdFusion MX 6.1
      • T-SQL - MS SQL Server 2000 version of SQL
      • Javascript
      • CSS
      • No frameworks other than a set of snippets I've used forever.[/list:u]
        • sh/bash (UNIX shell programmer) - (BSD, V)
        • perl
        • PL/SQL - Oracle 8/9i version of SQL[/list:u]
          Prior to last:
          • csh/sh (UNIX shell technical user, some programming) - (BSD)
          • RAC - a proprietary homegrown db/report tool used by a previous employer
          • Jet SQL - MS Access query language
          • LAMPP[/list:u]

            I originally started as a student COBOL programmer in the early 80s.

            I'm also attempting to move from hand-coding to an IDE (CFBuilder), but it is slow going. IDEs have not been good to me, and I've tried several.
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    Aug 30, 2008
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    I am finding that I prefer hand-coding things as IDEs like adding fluff that isn't completely necessary. I learned this the hard way with FrontPage but from the sounds of it even Dreamweaver leaves something to be desired.

    I'm starting to like knowing what my code is doing, but IDEs do make things a lot easier when learning something. I would use the IDE's features to quickly do what I want, then look at the code and figure out what it jsut did (and how can i do it better ;) )

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