Possible means to turn on projector without restarting X

Discussion in 'Linux' started by dragonbite, Apr 23, 2010.

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    You know the scenario; we're in the Linux SIG meeting and somebody has something cool to share! They want to use the projector but don't want to have to restart Xorg by logging out or rebooting (since Linux decided to remove Cntrl + Alt + Backspace as a means of restarting Xorg).

    Just read an unrelated forum post (about playing a DVD) and in it they mentioned getting the projector to work without restarting Xorg (in Ubuntu Gnome 10.04)
    1. System > Preferences > Monitors
    2. checking the "Mirror Screens" box.

    Somebody should check and see if that does actually work with our projector (and theoretically monitors and LCDs) or not.

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