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Discussion in 'Mobile Devices/Windows 8' started by snh, Jan 23, 2013.

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    Just a note that I got an acknowledged reply back from ooVoo folks that their suggested contacts does not distinguish between active and deleted contacts, so any email addresses in your non-active Contacts (Android) are subject to be 'pulled into' ooVoo's suggestions.

    The issue I had is that a person whom I had cut off because of legal action was presented as a 'friend', even though that person was no longer one of my Google Contacts, phone Contacts, nor current social media contacts.

    The ooVoo app doesn't care, if it finds a connection via whatever (collected addresses, deleted social graph entries) it becomes a suggestion.

    Having worked previously as a social media programmer (business graph programmer) I find this practice appalling, but it goes to show the extent that app builders are careless with our social graph and personal information and will do anything to pitch you to onboard your contacts to expand their app's reach.

    The app itself works very well, btw, and is well written from that perspective, and their support replied to my concern directly. Ultimately, I did not like their answer. ("Yes, it's a problem. No, we are not going to fix it.")


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