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    One of the biggest problems with Cloud Storage is that they only give you some amount, and then if you get referrals they usually add some pittance so that to gather any significant amount you have to add like 100 referrals.

    Then there is the cross-platform issue. If you use Linux, the choices are even thinner.

    A new cloud storage service, though, is out and it is call Copy.

    One twist with this service is that they give you 5GB of space, and for each referral you get they give you +5GB each! So new people start out with 10GB of space while the person whose link you use gets +5GB! Talk about win-win!

    So for example, I have gotten 2 referrals already and have built up 17GB so far and both of the people that used my link got 10GB each! Also it is cross-platform (Win, Mac, Lin and some mobile)

    Now, if you are looking for a site that could potentially have a lot of space, it may be worth giving it a try. Personally, I am not 100% sold on this service for my files all-in-one-basket, but if I can get more than the 25GB I have in SkyDrive it could be handy.

    So if you think you may be interested, use my referral link ( ).
    If you just want to learn more, then go to the site directly at

    Additional space is available for $99/year for 250GB of space! A handy comparison of services can be found at, which is where I found out about this.
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    Has anyone used bitcasa? Its 8 dollars and unlimited storage.... Im using it now. The web interface is slow but other than that it works very well.

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