Multi-user Android tablets?

Discussion in 'Ask DACS' started by dragonbite, Jan 29, 2014.

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    Can Android tablets have multiple accounts in which the user has to sign in to use, and thus each account is associated with that individual's Google account?

    If so, which version of Android did it first show up on and is that controlled by Android or is that determined by the vendor (say, Samsung yes but others No)?

    I am tossing up between a Chromebook, new computer or tablet and the multiple accounts issue is almost a requirement as I know I will not be the only one using it.

    Also, is this feature available for Android phones as well? I know the Windows Phone includes a "kid's corner" that grants access to things like games and moveis, and maybe internet but not the ability to get things through the Windows store and maybe to primary user's contacts page.
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    Now that I think about it, I never seen a multi-user tablet other than one running a version of full Windows (ie: not RT or CE). I'm not certain about RT as I have never seen one boot up from a cold start. AFAIK, Android is a single user version of Linux. An Android phone/tablet may ask for a password of some sort, but not a username.


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    Yes, JellyBean supports multiple accounts, on tablets.

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