Mozilla defends Firefox's HTML5 support for only Ogg Theora

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by dragonbite, Jan 25, 2010.

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    I applaud their ballsy move. There is more competition, especially from Chrome, but I'm glad they are trying to stick for the good of the internet!

    With things moving more and more into the cloud, an open standard will help keep people from getting stranded in "Microsoft's Cloud" or even "Google's Cloud"! How easy is it for you to move your Google Docs to Zoho without the download-to-MS Office / Upload to whatever and require the new place to be able to convert Microsoft Office?!

    Not to mention, I would love to see Ogg and Ogg Theora replace MP3 codecs! And for people that want to play Ogg or Ogg Theora files on their Windows or Mac there is a plug-in that allows Windows Media Player, VLC and more to play the Ogg formats. Just go to the Vorbis' website and download it.

    So, this will be interesting. Firefox has millions (billions?) of users while Google's YouTube has millions (billions?) of viewers.

    What would be AWESOME would be if Google switched sides and used Ogg Vorbis instead for YouTube!

    What are your thoughts?

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