Microsoft Revokes Windows 8's Patch Privileges Today

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    From Computerworld:

    Windows 8, Microsoft's 2012 flop, will be retired from all support today, putting the 48 million users who still run the three-year-old operating system in a spot: Upgrade or risk getting hacked.

    After today, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates for Windows 8 -- or for IE10 and IE11, the company browsers that run on the OS -- and the company will not offer technical support for the operating system.
    To continue to receive security updates, Windows 8 users must upgrade to Windows 8.1, the free 2013 edition available from the Windows Store, Microsoft's app warehouse.

    Wait, what? I though Windows 8 was some sort of watershed in (cough) vibrant, awesome, wonderful brilliance... :rolleyes::facepalm:
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