Merging Web-based Office suite Zoho with the desktop

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    I think this is kind of interesting to note after the April presentation on Office alternatives.

    Ubuntu Linux has already made initiatives into the Cloud computing with providing UbuntuOne online storage with sync capabilities for Firefox bookmarks, Evolution contacts and Tomboy notes. With the next version, 10.04 or Lucid Lynx, UbuntuOne will also provide a music store integrated with the default Rythmbox music player (other players are sure to come, this is, after all, open source).

    Combined with the popularity of Ubuntu on lower-powered Netbooks like the Dell Mini 9 and Dell Mini 10 and others, and this focus on the cloud makes sense.

    What I read today was that they are looking to integrate the online Office suite Zoho with the desktop so that effectively it will launch and operate like an installed application but is actually working from the popular Zoho online office suite.

    The functionality will be coming more-so in their 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) release and right now they are focusing on the low-powered ARM-chip based systems. This means it will not be available for most Intel/AMD based 32 or 64 bit systems but I'm sure that's an "eventually".


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