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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by swoffiya, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Lost data on hard disk on installing Linux ubuntu? My friend today installed Linux on his xp based system. He followed the specified instructions but ended up formatting all his hard disk. He is trying to recover that back so can any one suggest any recovery tools that he can use to get back atleast some of his data??
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    What instructions did he follow? The installer defaults to trying to install Ubuntu side-by-side with other operating systems and is good at detecting Windows.

    If the entire hard disk has been formatted, there is nothing short of a professional recovery service (which costs big bucks) and even then I don't know if they can recover anything.

    It may be possible that the XP partition is still there, or at least the recovery partition some manufacturers put on the hard disk.

    I don't have my Ubuntu installation in front of me, but if you, or your friend, are going to the general meeting tonight I can show you some ways for determining what partitions exist on the system and whether or not any possible recovery partition and/or XP partition exists.

    Ask for Drew and let me know you are the person from the forums.

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