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Discussion in 'Linux' started by dragonbite, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Scott did a great job with the YouTube presentation last night, and I just wanted to bring up some related Linux-specific updates.

    Ubuntu 10.04 comes with PiTiVi installed, which is a fairly basic video editing program, and OpenShot is growing in popularity and does include either the ability to upload directly into YouTube, or to export into a format compatible with YouTube.

    The problem I find with both of these, for me, is that neither allows capturing the video via Firewire (or IEEE 1394). Newer camcorders might not need this feature but I'm old-school :geek: (or just old).

    I believe KDEnlive and Kino provide for Firewire capturing of video as well as video editing. KDEnlive looks pretty slick and has been growing in popularity for a while now (it's been around before OpenShot).

    After hearing the YouTube's privacy levels (which are the same as Picasa Web which I use for pictures), I am looking to do some video uploading for the family and will be trying out these applications.

    If you have any experience with these, or the number of other ones available, post them!

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