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    KDE really has a few good applications that somebody may want to use even though they are not using KDE. It has been thought that to run a KDE-based application one would have to pull in tons of Qt and KDE libraries. Except nobody has really done a study on how MUCH one has to pull in. Until now.

    Michael Pyne took up the challenge to check it out and it is interesting what the results are.

    Ultimately he found by running konquerer + konversation + associated daemons
    Consider that something like LibreOffice has its own toolkit it runs which is not dependent on any particular desktop environment while the Qt and kdelibs will be re-used by other KDE/Qt based applications and it all does not sound nearly so bad.

    So if you are thinking about a KDE/Qt program running in Gnome (or Fluxbox or other environments/windows), don't worry... it isn't as bad as you may think.

    Original Blog Post : The Overhead of KDE Software

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