July General Meeting on Hacking and Cyber War

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    If we could afford to print handouts, these would be them. (sic) The sources document includes clickable links to all articles.


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    Thanks for posting this. Sorry didn't make it to the meeting.

    Funny seeing the Chinese having access to the Windows source code as being a threat. They've had access to Red Hat and SUSE Linux for years, and there has still not been any major breach reported, or malware "in the wild".

    And don't start with "if they had more market share then things would be different" because Linux servers is heavily used in the industries that cyber criminals want to get their hands on (Banking, Wall Street, Exchanges, Government, etc.! And it is increasing.

    I don't know if you mentioned it, but if you think about it Microsoft's Automatic Updates (Patch Tuesday) provides an easy method of filtering some code into Windows systems around the world (I'm sure they have it localized) to open back-doors and such for "kill-switches" on behalf of the government. If I were not on full-agreement with the US I too would have moved to Linux where I have control over it, nobody else. We're not the only ones being targeted for cyberwarfare.

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