January 21rst 2009 SIG Meeting

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    The meeting was a fun meeting with a number of new faces from individuals I think will help bring new experiences, viewpoints and ideas! Welcome.

    The content of my presentation was on using Wine and its corporate sponsor CrossOver to run Windows applications on Linux or Mac. I demonstrated using both Wine and CrossOver Games to install a PC Chess game my son received for Christmas on Fedora and Ubuntu.

    Installing it using Wine on Fedora 10 runs very smoothly except when it comes time to install the DirectX component. While trying to install DirectX returns an error, the game itself still operated. We concluded that the neat-o features of 3D chessboards and the like are the most likely DirectX features. Otherwise the game ran well enough for me to make a couple of moves that a good chess player could probably have kicked my rear-end from.

    CrossOver Games, being the corporate version, has DirectX support (up to 9 I believe) and installed that component without any errors cropping up. Still, it took a few tries to finally get the game to start up.

    There were also questions regarding the handling of Registry entries. In our search we found a text file (Registry.info) which takes the changes that are entered in when the Windows application is installed.

    Afterward we discussed a variety of conversations including advice for a beginner through implementing mod_mono on CentOS to allow an Apache server to run ASP.NET web applications.

    Attached is a PDF of the slides I used. I elected to use PDF for complete cross-platform compatibility reasons, plus to test Google Doc's export option. :yippee

    If anybody has some better details, or see an incorrect description here, please post an adjustment.

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