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    Let's get to know each other!

    My name is Drew, and I'm the Linux SIG Leader.

    I primarily work in VB (VBA, VBScrip/ASP, ASP.NET, etc.) and with a Microsoft SQL Server. Right now I am working in Hartford for a small financial company as their developer.

    At home I use Linux, which I usually change about once a month or so but is currently Ubuntu, the kids use Linux and my wife uses Windows XP.

    Some of the other things I do is Fencing (when I can get back to the club), jogging (when I get up early enough in the morning) brewing (just finished a blueberry brew) and light desktop publishing when I can get a reason to do it (like for my beer bottle labels).

    That is, though, when the kids give me the opportunity ;)

    That's about all I can think of right now! So tell us a little about you?!!

    ~Drew Kwashnak
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    I'm Dave Mawdsley, DACS & Linux SIG member. I run a small 1-man operation called MadMod Computing in Danbury, CT that focuses on repairs, training, etc. with PC's (Windows usually), networks and small business security. My customer work is almost entirely with Windows and some Mac's.

    I've been using Ubuntu since the Fall of 2006 and have tried out OpenSUSE 10.3 for awhile but I didn't like it.
    So far I've given a presentation at the Linux SIG on Aug., '08 on Using Grsync and Rsync -- mostly for the Ubuntu environment.

    My lab has Windows XP and Windows ME laptops. I also have a laptop and desktop running Ubuntu 8.04 Desktop and a desktop unit running Ubuntu 8.04 Server as a file server. I'm still a fan of the Gnome desktop rather than KDE--just a preference. I put Gnome on the server so I wouldn't have to do everything at the command line interface (CLI). I'm still very much a beginner with CLI.

    In the process of gradually migrating entirely from a Windows environment to the Linux environment in my lab and home, I've still got a few very untidy issues: native Linux equivalents for QuickBooks, Quicken and Family Tree Maker from the Windows world are not available and don't run well or at all under my version of Wine 1.1.4. (I don't much care about these 3 Windows programs, but my wife refuses to migrate from Family Tree Maker to Gramps. I guess she'll be using Windows for some time.) I wish Wine 1.1.4 worked better for me. At least my password manager program I prefer works okay with Wine.

    Otherwise I'm a very happy camper running Ubuntu 8.04. -- Dave (<!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->)

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