IE 10 available for Windows 7!

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    For a while now each version of Windows was limited to a different version of IE, producing the great possibility of somebody being left behind (Windows XP=8, Windows 7=9, Windows 8=10)! That has changed, at least for now.

    Now with IE 10 being released for Windows 7, the same default browser for Windows 8 is available to Windows 7 users. Those people that have downloaded the preview version of IE 10 will get the upgrade first, and then start auto-updating customers in the next few weeks.

    This version is running the same engine as the IE 10 running on Windows 8. The only real difference is that Windows 7 doesn't come with a Metro (sorry, "Modern") interface (no surprise there).

    This version, 10, is supposed to provide improved performance in page loading, interactivity and performance all while using less CPU and supporting web standards.

    This versions also includes a built-in spellchecker (about time!) which has been a basic feature included in Chrome and Firefox for some time now. A "Do Not Track" feature is also new in IE 10 (compared to IE 9).

    Read more about this release or to click on the link to get it now, go to Now Available: Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7.

    I plan on installing it myself in the next couple of days, to try it out. While it isn't my primary browser, it could find new life if what it is supposed to improve upon is true.

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