How do YOU spend the Holiday Seasons?

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    Other than usually eating too much, stressing over spending and nearly electrocuting yourself putting up decorations, how do you spend the Holidays?


    We usually spend Christmas eve with my parents and brothers, who just came up from Georgia last night. It's a great time to get together and be reminded why we didn't all stay living in the same house :angry :drunk :bored

    Hopefully we keep the kids up long enough and wear out their excitement some with passing out gifts and usually playing "king of the mountain" where one of the uncles is the "mountain" :lol:

    Then we take the sloooow, boring drive home in hopes to tire the kids out before we make it home.

    Christmas day we enjoy the day and then my in-laws come over for part of the day.

    Dang-it, we are darn lucky.

    You have a safe and fun holiday!

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