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Discussion in 'PC Maintenance' started by snh, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Question: What would cause XP Pro to hang during install and not Ubuntu (4.10 - 9.10 and later)?

    Unit: An Acer Aspire 5000 (in a 3000 chasis) with newly replaced memory and new hard drive

    1. XP Pro laptop suddenly unresponsive 10 days ago
    2. Combing thru TweakUI settings, other settings and System Restore ultimately unsuccessful
    3. Laptop works normally in Safe Mode, but not in normal mode
    4. Confirmed/Verified/Re-installed all drivers from manufacturer's website
    5. Still sporadic performance, mostly only responsive in Safe Mode
    6. Decide to re-install XP Pro, so backup all docs
    7. XP Pro hangs during installation.
    8. Replace memory and hard drive, and same thing - XP Pro hangs on install
    (MS XP Pro installation CD used recently to install on another machine, so media is fine)
    9. Downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 and install went fine - laptop peforms normally

    Goal: Getting XP Pro / Office Pro back on the system
    Issue: OpenOffice not fully compatible with MS Office on a file compatiblity basis (just confirmed last night this is the case), and OpenOffice application interface inferior to (and or unfamiliar against) MS Office (which isn't to say that MS Office's is great)
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    Could there be a bad sector on the hard disk portion Windows is installed?

    As for Office, one alternative (though, not idea) can use Live Office (http://office.live.com/ ) which is "official" Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint via the cloud. It isn't as full-featured as the desktop variety, but it should be closer than OpenOffice or Google Docs. And surprisingly (for Microsoft) it *is* compatible with Firefox, and even on Linux!

    (you like the meeting's tie-in? ;) )

    I also did a blog post on Office 2010 vs Google Docs and OpenOffice.org titled Microsoft Volleys Back!.

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