Google releases open source, royalty free video format WebM

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    Google Open Sources VP8 Video Codec, Packs It Into WebM Project - Already Available On YouTube

    Google officially announced the release of an open source, royalty-free video format called WebM which will be using the VP8 codec Google aquired from On2 as well as Vorbis audio. Youtube already has 1450 videos available under this format. Firefox, Opera and Chromium will have this as of today's nightly builds.
    How will Adobe handle this? Engadget points out that Adobe is rolling VP8 support into Flash Player.

    So, what do you think about this? Will this kill off Flash? Will this push the proprietary h.264 format out of the way?

    If you remember, the h.264 format was supported by IE, Safari and Chrome, while the open source option Ogg Vorbis was supported by Firefox, Opera and Chrome. The owners of h.264 promised not to charge for it... "for now" :yikes .

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