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Discussion in 'Linux' started by jimkd1yv, Mar 20, 2013.

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    I can't post the pitch that I presented tonight, explaining my use of g4l to recover all of the data on a multi-partition hard drive. The presentation pitch is too large to post here. If anybody wants the pitch, write here, and I will post it somewhere you can download it. It is about 36 MB.

    Please excuse the image quality - since it was running from a live single-purpose CD, there was no way to capture screen prints. I had to take pictures of the screen with my camera and put them into the pitch.

    Also, note that these screens were prepared for this presentation after the actual recovery had been completed. The careful observer will note some inconsistencies from one screen to the next.

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    It was a good presentation! What about sharing it from some Dropbox or UbuntuOne online file storage?

    We should be able to reduce that size some. Since the images are from your camera (or phone) it is probably not resized properly for the screen and that is what is making it full-sized. See if there is a means to resize or make the program adjust the picture for the size you have it in your presentation.

    I don't know if LibreOffice has this feature (honestly, I usually don't use it outside of work), but MS Office 2010 does have something like that at least in Word.

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