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Discussion in 'Windows' started by dragonbite, Apr 2, 2013.

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    Since there is no longer a "Server SIG" that covers things other than the Drupal CRM website software, I figure I will put it here.

    Ran across idera Server Backup Free. Now I am terrible about backups and especially server backups so any tool that helps is interesting.
    The Free version includes some features:
    • High performance backup
    • For 1 server
    • Web-based interface
    • Portable backup storage with Disk Safe® technology
    • Ability to exclude files
    • Data retention policies
    • Protects multi-platforms (Windows, Linux)
    while the Enterprise version includes more (for $20/VM or $200/server):
    • For Many Servers
    • Central backup repository
    • Bare-Metal Restore
    • Email reporting
    • Multi-point replication
    • Protects multi-platforms (Windows, Linux, Virtualization, SQL Server, MySQL and MS Exchange)

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