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    1. EnergyXT

    I Have continued playing around with EnergyXT ("Compact" version that came bundled with the UMA25S) and liked it enough to where I decided to get a "full" version key. However, if your current version of EnergyXT does not show a "unlock" button somewhere on the main screen, this key will do nothing for you.

    Solution - download and latest core/demo/trial version, then apply the key.

    This may seem counter-intuitive if you already have the "compact" version installed from a bundle (Ex. UMA25S) or whatever. Basically you have to "downgrade" your current install to the most recent demo version, then apply the s/w key. Very weird and I complained loudly to their tech support about this.

    There is a version of EnergyXT for the iPad, btw.

    As a reminder, EnergyXT is only one of 2 s/w sequencer titles I know (the other is REAPER) that can be installed and run portably. (machine independent)

    2. GarageBand on the iPad

    You may want to skip EnergyXT altogether and go with GarageBand if you have an iPad. It's very, very slick. Probably easier to work with than EnergyXT on the iPad. Have not tried EnergyXT on the iPad yet, but don't see how it can compare to GarageBand, whose interface and ease is completely dialed-in. Pair it with the iRig and this is as complete a music production environment as needed for the casual musician or tinkerer.

    3. Other - platform and machine thoughts

    I'm still a fan of portable apps using a PC, and don't see myself permanently moving to the iPad. One reason is ports (legacy and otherwise) - which the iPad lacks, as well as a physical keyboard. Also cannot print using an iPad.

    To replace my ailing Gateway MX6436, I am considering the Dell E6520. Multi-core, Firewire, Win7 Pro, dedicated graphics, dockable - seems to be everything needed for a serious music machine w/o getting into a "gaming" machine like the XPS, which would be overkill and still not have Firewire or docking. The E6520 also has a touch screen if I remember correctly.

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