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    Could not find where else to post this, so posting here.

    To 2009 DACS PC Music Workshop Attendees,

    I've been playing with this virtual instrument - Emu's Proteous VX.

    For those that have been in music for a while and have rack mount outboard gear, you may remember the Proteus sound module being very popular. Here's a page on the Proteus if not familiar with the unit - <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

    In a recent Keyboard Magazine there was a roundup of freely available virtual instruments and VST hosts. In that roundup saw where Emu has released a promo version of its virtual Proteus instrument.

    Download Proteus VX here -
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    (Have to submit to a newsletter which you may opt out of. Emu is a good company and I don't imagine there's an issue giving your email to them.)


    My setup: Gateway single-core laptop with 2GB RAM and 60GB HD running XP Home, ASIO4All drivers, and a Korg NanoKey midi-over-USB controller.

    • Pros:
      • I was able to play the Proteus VX nicely with little or no latency
      • The sounds are very high quality
      • Runs as a VST or in stand-alone mode
      • In stand-alone mode, has a little popup keyboard widget to use if you do not have a controller connected
      • Free![/list:u]
      • Cons:
        • Has to be installed locally - no portable option[/list:u][/list:u]

          Application suggestions
          • Play it in stand-alone mode and record it using Audacity or other wave editor
          • Use it as a VST in your DAW (Pro-Tools, Cubase, REAPER, Mixcraft, whatever)
          • Install it in your laptop or netbook and use as a sound module at gigs[/list:u]


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