Export & import to Google Docs, Zoho & WebDAV

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    This looks like a cool extension. It allows one to use the client (local) and more powerful (at this point so far) OpenOffice.org suite to import or export certain file formats to your favorite Cloud Office Suite (so long as it is Google Docs, Zoho or WebDAV).

    I haven't tried it yet, but from reading it this isn't the "magic bullet". During import and export things can get a little "hairy" if you are using features in OpenOffice which do not translate well to its cloud counter-part, or vice-verse. Although I have uploaded a number of files to Google Docs from MS Word and OpenOffice and they are usually pretty good (not perfect though).

    There is one caveat, and that is for Ubuntu (and possibly other Linux distribution) users is that it doesn't work with the default version, but the work-around is pretty straight-forward

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