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    Why should Gnome get all the fun with file synchronization? UbuntuOne runs based on Nautilus and Dropbox includes only a gnome/nautilus based solution. What's a KDE user to do? Follow the directions you find here:

    Or if you are impatient, comfortable with the command line and don't want to wait (I am not responsible if this messes up your system. I don't have Linux with KDE in front of me to try this out myself, yet)

    Part 1: Download the program:
    Part 2: Run the scripts to install:
    The handy aspect of this is
    1. Dropbox is not distro-focused like UbuntuOne
    2. With this, is now not Gnome-orientated
    3. Includes a Windows (and I think Mac) version
    4. Provides the chance to increase the amount of space by getting others to join

    It may not be perfect, but it is a step closer.

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