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    Ever want to install and use Linux, but find yourself either choosing between downloading a whole DVD just to install some programs, installing from a Live CD and having to remove what you don't want and add what you do, or waiting for hours as the Net installer downloads the packages during installation and hope you don't drop your connection?

    Here is a simpler means: SUSE Studio
    The Studio Builds
    • Your software and everything it needs, in one appliance
    • A custom distro, with your own software and branding
    • Demo CDs, perfect for tradeshows and hand-outs
    • Virtual machines, for the data center and the desktop
    • All sorts of things you can dream up![/list:u]

      Plus you can save them in a number of formats
      • Live CD/DVD
      • VMware image
      • Hard disk / USB image
      • Xen[/list:u]

        You can even test your new distribution/spin one before downloading it! Can this technology get any cooler?!

        At the next Linux SIG (Aug 19th) maybe we'll build an appliance (LiveCD image) which anybody can download and try out!

        What applications do YOU want to see in our custom Linux Distro? With a little work, may be able to make it into a DACS Linux distro?!! :yippee

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