Cloud Storage Closes May 1, 2016

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    I remember when was first released and offered a generous amount to start with (15GB?) and big incentives for referrals (5GB each!). I put my link out in a couple of places and before too long I had 230 GB of storage on their service!

    The other nice thing was they included a Linux client, so they were really cross-platform unlike all of the annoying proprietary services that say "cross-platform" and forget one (Linux)!

    Oh, they are going to be closing on May 1st of this year. So if you don't already have your files backed up to something local or accessible you best do that soon or you may lose it forever.

    If you have another cloud service you want to store it, had a deal with which moves files between cloud services without having to download it to your local system and then upload them. Once you set it you can close your computer down and it will still be working because it doesn't run on your computer. It could also be scheduled so that routinely you could have one site copied into another.

    I was setting that up between my Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive to copy into my drive as a form of backup since combined those 3 services don't match the space I had available.

    Dropbox is a true cross-platform service, bu they don't give you much and are pretty expensive to increase. Google Drive and OneDrive are nice and offers a fair bit of space, but are not cross-platform (oh, they say it is but never supply a Linux version... even when *cough* Google Drive *cough* they SAY they are making a version for Linux ... over 5 years ago!)
    I'm working on putting together an ownCloud server of my own. It offers the files synchronization features as well as photo gallery, email, files, some editing, music and more options similar to Google but is open source and cross-platform. Get it working nicely at home and then I can look at moving it to a cloud server (AWS, Rackspace, Azure, etc.) if I want it accessible over the Internet.

    Oh well. There are plenty of alternatives, at least, and if you switch to another service, reply and let us know which service and why!
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