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Discussion in 'Ask DACS' started by dragonbite, Apr 4, 2012.

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    My wife and I have come to the conclusion that her monitor is off somewhat. It is no surprise or secret that delivered screen's colors are off. Thankfully there are devices you use to help correct the color.

    My wife is an artist and uses the laptop to display references for her paintings. Unfortunately the colors are a bit off and I know hand-tweaking is a task of patience and luck at its best. This may also explain some discrepancy between the screen and the printer too.

    Does anybody have one which I could use? I don't think it is something you need to keep using, or am I wrong?

    Otherwise, is there one you recommend?

    It is a Windows 7 Home Dell Latitude (17") running on an i5 chip.
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    Generally speaking trying to calibrate a laptop display is lost cause, they're not designed for image editing and can't be reliably calibrated. They just don't have the color gamut range and when you change viewing angles the brightness changes.

    Her best bet is to invest a quality external display. Keep in mind though most standard consumer or business class displays aren't designed for professional image editing either and, like laptop displays, can't be calibrated reliably. And professional quality displays like the Ezio FlexScan or ColorEdge series are pretty pricey.

    That said you could try the Pantone HueyPRO Colorimeter, it's relatively inexpensive, but I doubt it'll make any difference.


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