Change Time Zone for a Batch of Pictures

Discussion in 'Digital Imaging' started by richardc, Dec 1, 2012.

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    At the Digital Imaging SIG at the Microsoft Store we were talking about the latest Photo Gallery application in the Windows Live Essentials 2012 bundle and I asked if there was a way to change the time zone for a whole group of pictures that I took in Europe. The time stamp for each one of those was off by 6 hours due to being in a different time zone.

    The Microsoft rep was unhelpful in suggesting that I should have gone into the camera settings and changed the time before I took the pictures. Our SIG leader Ken looked on the web for an answer and found that there should be a command under the Tools menu, but the latest Photo Gallery doesn't have a Tools menu. Instead I found an Adjust time command on the Edit tab ribbon. Just select the pictures first and in the dialog move the hour setting ahead (or back) according to the time zone difference between where you took the pictures and what the camera was set for.

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