Berkeley Explains Exactly Why It Chose Google Over Microsoft

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    An interesting read why they decided to chose Google Apps over Microsoft's Live365. Unfortunately there are a few pieces of that puzzle in which Microsoft was at a disadvantage even before consideration.
    The pieces I mentioned eschewing the decision for Google even before Microsoft gets in the door are
    The first one also provides reducing any incompatibilities which is inherent when crossing technologies (try viewing a complicated MS Word document in Google Docs or even Open/LibreOffice) as well as an example of the system with some of the kinks worked out. If the UC system were on Microsoft's solutions (desktop or cloud) then that would have significantly worked in Microsoft's favor.

    The second one is using a technology they already had which touts the ability to store and share files online (like Dropbox, SpiderOak, SkyDrive and UbuntuOne) as well as allow opening and saving files in Google Docs without having to download first. It is similar to if Berkley was using Microsoft Exchange already, it would have given Microsoft a significant edge.

    Google and Microsoft are approaching the "desktop-cloud nirvanah" from opposite approaches.
    • Google has always been "out there" in the cloud and are working towards the heart-and-mind of the desktop with the Chrome browser, Android and ChromeOS.
    • Meanwhile Microsoft is coming from the desktop-centric Windows/Office position of power and trying to get into the cloud without giving up that control/influence/advantage. Their cloud offering (Live and SkyDrive at least) are not a "cloud solution" in the same manner as Google's products.

    If I have a Windows 7, a Live account & Office 2010 then Microsoft's offering can be beneficial. In all other cases, Google is more beneficial to me.

    What are your thoughts?

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