AVG update cripples some Windows XP systems

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    AVG is a free or commercial antivirus program that has recently updated from version 7.5 to 8.0 and they have found it to have a little problem. Users receive a message about a Trojan infeting the Windows system file user32.dll, except if you agree to delete the file as prompted it may leave your computer endlessly booting or not booting at all! :yikes

    If this happens, all is not lost. AVG is working on a fix and in the meantime you could use a Linux LiveCD. With it you can
    • run Linux without effecting anything on your Windows system until a fix is availalbe; surf the net, read your email, open your Microsoft Office documents, view your pictures, watch YouTube, etc.
    • access the hard drive and save your files onto a networked hard drive or USB pen drive or CD/DVD if you have a burner on the system
    • when a fix is available you can navigate to the website, download the file or files and read/print the instruction (providing a printer is available ;) ) and try and fix your system[/list:u]

      If you need help with this, we can go over it in the next Linux SIG on Wednesday, November 19th.

      You can read the article here http://tech.yahoo.com/news/cnet/20081111/tc_cnet/8301100931009387583

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