Automatically Change Default Printer Based Location

Discussion in 'Windows' started by dragonbite, Apr 7, 2011.

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    A handy feature for Windows 7 Professional (and higher, sorry Home users) allowing you to have your default printer change when you move from one network to another. For instance, when you are home you probably have your own printer as the default but when you are on the road you may want it to default to printing to PDF. Users of a work laptop at home and in the office could have it change based on where they are using it.

    Yes, you can just point it when you print, but this makes things a little easier with less thinking, a nice feature.
    Basically the process is so incredibly easy anybody can do it (if you have Win 7 Pro or better). The summary of steps include:
    1. Under Devices and Printers select Manage default printers
    2. Select Change default printer when I change networks
    3. Select the Network and the Default printer (form your printer list I assume)
    4. Select No network to make the default something like a PDF printer when you are offline

    Try it out and post your experiences here!

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