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    Our August 2015 meeting will be on August 10th at 7pm.

    The location is at Brookfield Town Hall!  This month we'll be going over a handout on a 30-day plan to start a business.  After reviewing some of the items, we'll spend the balance of the meeting on round-table discussion.

    Once again, this workshop is to help those with the following

    • Operate their existing business using online tools
    • Add an online store or use online marketing to increase sales
    • Create an online-only business
    • Develop products and services to deliver online
    • Develop other online sources of income
    The group is friendly and the format is part structured and part discussion (roundtable).

    Sean & Steve

    PS - To register (required if Webinar) send me a PM on this system (or email) with your
    • Full Name
    • Skype handle
    • Mobile phone number
    • Email address
    • Business name
    • Product or Service Description
    After registering, *if* this meeting is held by Webinar, to attend
    • Plan to be online, preferably on a laptop or PC, at least 10 minutes before the event. 
    • Skype will be used for at least the voice+chat portion, so please have installed and launched on your device at least 10 minutes before the event begins.
    • A link to the Webinar will be sent just prior to the event, so make sure able to receive emails at that time.
    If you want to attend an in-person meeting remotely, please call Sean and make arrangements prior to the meeting.

    Any recordings, including photos or video, will be made available solely at the discretion of the workshop leaders.

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