Apple User Group Bulletin - January 18, 2016

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    Have you been looking for a fresh idea for meetings? Why not try an Apple In-Store
    Workshop? This month's resource blog tells you how.

    January also brings an interesting How To by Tom Piper with an idea for increasing
    interest and participation at meetings, a How To by Rick Ortiz with helpful
    information about Apple User Group Ambassadors, and the fourth installment of
    Nicholas Pyers' Dealing with Presenters series. Does your group engage in effective
    follow up after a presentation? The fourth installment offers tips for
    after-the-presentation activities that matter.

    Thanks again to Nicholas Pyers, Tom Piper and Rick Ortiz for all they do for groups!

    For other fresh meeting ideas, take a look at ASW's Everything changes with iPad
    campaign, highlighting how iPad — together with incredible apps from the App Store —
    can change the way users can do what's important to them every day. Go to ASW and
    click on the Quick Training button to see what's on offer.

    Ambassadors: January is a great month to check out ASTO and ASW!

    As always, if you have an idea for a resource, let us know.

    - How To: Stimulate Questions (and Answers) at User Group Meetings
    - Meeting Ideas on ASW: Everything changes with iPad
    - Nicholas Pyers Presents: Working with Presenters After the Event
    - How To: What is an Apple User Group Ambassador?
    - Second Annual Macstock Conference: July 16 - 17 in Woodstock IL
    - Meeting Ideas: Consider an Apple In-Store Workshop
    - Ongoing Offers for User Group Members:

    • Special Offer – Second Annual Macstock Conference: $50(USD) Discount
    • Special Offer – Take Control Books: 30% Off
    • Special Offer – Joe On Tech Guides: 20% Discount on All Books
    • Special Offer – Micromat - From the makers of TechTool Pro: 20% discount
    • Special Offer – Opus ][ Complete Collection: 25% Discount
    • Special Offer – Noteboom Tutorials: 33% off Annual Memberships
    • Special Offer – AgileBits 1Password 5 for OS 10.10 Yosemite: 25% Discount
    • Special Offer – Prosoft Engineering: 25% Off
    • Special Offer – EverWeb by RAGE Software: 50% Discount
    • Special Offer – Eltima Software multimedia products: Pay 20% less
    • Special Offer – Que Publishing Products: 35-45% Discount
    • Special Offer – SlideShark iPad PowerPoint Viewer: Free App plus
    • Special Offer – O'Reilly: Wonderful Discounts for User Group Members
    • Special Offer – Peachpit Press: 35% Discount

    - Offers for User Group Leaders:

    • Special Leader Offer – Noteboom Tutorials: Review Special Offer
    • Special Leader Offer – Prosoft Products: Review Special Offer
    • Special Leader Offer – Training: 12 Free Library Passes
    • Special Leader Offer – Tropical Software: Free Leader Offer
    • Special Leader Offer – Camtasia 5 and Snagit for Mac: Leader Offer

    All member offers and codes are on one easy-to-cut-and-paste page for
    newsletter editors:

    Password for offers (6/15/2015 - 2/15/2016):



    Saundra (Sandy) Foderick, Editor
    Tom Piper, Vendor Coordinator
    Rick Ortiz and Elsa Travisano, Webmasters
    Trish Huffman, Offers Editor

    Questions? Comments? Tips for group leaders or members? Send them to


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